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free tarot reading With Saturn in harmony, your energy and vitality should be returning to you. You should have an easier time dealing with constraints, restrictions and hierarchical superiors. You’ll be willing to meet people halfway and demonstrate patience in your personal interactions. And even better, your intellectual abilities are going to be at their sharpest! It’s won’t be very hard for you to quickly find the solutions to any problems that you may run into. It will be a good time for networking and making contacts professionally, so make sure that you are active on this front. Neptune remains in the background and will predispose you to daydreaming and diving headlong into your imagination. You will feel the need to get in touch with Nature, appreciate Life and open yourself up to true spirituality. Take advantage of that! Due to a dissonant Jupiter, you will also want to deal with any business that’s currently on your plate (loans, subsidies or grants, banking or investment issues etc.) before it becomes an obstacle to your progress.

tarot gratis Just like all other areas of your life, your morale and your spirits are going to be in great shape this week. The future will seem bright and your optimism will be a constant comforting force. You’re going to be the model of vitality, radiating positive energy and a healthy approach to life. In short, your aura is going to be glowing brightly and in full force. With Mars harmonious in your sky, you will be able to better channel your emotions and your sensitivity, allowing you to outdo yourself on several different levels! That means clear blue skies for you all week ! So make sure you enjoy every second of it!

free love tarot reading With Pluto in the background, you are going to experience a true metamorphosis of your personality and your creative powers! You should be able to get a lot of good things out of this process and soon start to enjoy all the benefits that are coming to you. Your energy and vitality are going to surprise and amaze quite a few people once they see you in action. People will be ready to follow you and get behind you in all areas of your life. Your powers of persuasion will be at their pinnacle, which should definitely help you boost your self-confidence. Trust in yourself and everything is going seem like it’s starting to magically fall into your hands.