tarot card meanings

tarot card meanings Mars is harmonious with your Sun. You will be able to channel your desires better and achieve control over your aggression and your impulses. This will allow you to quickly and efficiently do things that would generally have taken you a lot more time and effort. With Pluto harmonious as well, your aura will be shining bright again and you will regain the confidence you need in yourself and your true abilities. Make sure to put your best qualities and assets forward for all to see: all you have to do for that is follow your own intuition.

tarot card meanings reversed Mars is in harmony with your Sun. Your energy will be overflowing and you will not fear physical efforts or challenges. If you are an active or athletic person, you may be in better shape than ever and break some of your own personal records! You will have an easier time than usual radiating your energy outwards, and your natural aura will attract the eyes and the attention of everyone around you. You’re going to be especially likeable, and your openness of spirit and availability will be appreciated by the outside world. You will benefit from a kind of protection, with a harmonious Jupiter protecting your good luck. Things are going to start coming to you easily: opportunities, skills, providential assistance and support.tarot card reading You’re going to be like a big ball of energy that needs to stay active and busy all the time. The event that will signal this turn of fortune is Jupiter entering your sky right at the beginning of the week. Everything will be on your side to help you move forward, make the right choices, spread your wings and fly. You’ll have the confidence you need in yourself and most importantly in life – you’re going to want to sink your teeth into it and enjoy it to the fullest! Uranus is also going to be in your chart this week. And with it comes its share of boldness, daring and surprises! You’re in great shape right now and life is smiling down on you… Take advantage and enjoy!